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Popup Maker UTM source data collection.

Popup Maker now has a UTM source detection.

You can now detect and collect UTM data from your subscribers and run more targeted marketing campaigns.

This is a perfect option providing you with data showing the source from which the user has come to your site and submitted the form.

Having the UTM source data of your subscribers, you can find the most active sources and improve your conversions with exact targeting.

In the screenshot below, the UTM source of the URL is highlighted.

URL UTM source

Where is the UTM data collected?

When the popup is submitted on the URL containing a UTM source, you will see the data in the Subscribers section.

UTM data collection

Export/Import option of the data to other email services

Popup Maker allows exporting and importing the subscribers data to other email services, via Zapier integration.

So now, the UTM data will be exported along with other subscribers data to your desired email services, providing you with better opportunities of getting the maximum profit of the online marketing.

Updated on: 09/12/2020

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