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How to manage your Images in the popup?

You can add images and customize them to your needs in Popup Maker. Simply select the image and proceed to the further customizations.

Click on "Insert Image" button in the editor tools to Drop an image or add the URL of your image.

Insert Image Option

Once you have uploaded your image, you can check its customization options:

Check Image Customization Options

Replace - You can replace the selected image with another one right from the image editor.

Align - Select the alignment of your image inside the popup.

Remove - Delete the image if you wish.

Insert Link - You can insert a link on your image, so when clicked on the image, the users will be redirected to the link you have inserted.

Display - Select the position of your image in the popup content: Inline or Break Text

Style - You can make the image Rounded or Bordered.

Alternate Text - Add an Alt attribute text on your image.

Change size - Resize the image to fit your popup: add dimensions in % or in pixels.

Updated on: 12/11/2020

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