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How to use a Button Element in a popup?

Button element creation

You have some offers that you wish to show inside a popup and need to include a button for redirection, for showing a coupon code or something else?
Create the popup with a content you wish and add a button element with a bunch of customization options - all to your needs!
To start the creation of a Button element, you should click on "Insert Button Element" button in your editor page.(arrow on the left)
On the right side of the page you'll see a bar of your Button Element options. (arrow on the right)

Button Element Options

Let's check all the options for customization!

How to customize the button click behavior? | Click Behavior

Customize Button Click Behavior

You can select the behavior of the button click and choose what you want to happen as a result.

Select a URL to which the users may be redirected after the button click.

Add a text, a coupon code for example, that may be copied after the button click.

Close the popup after the button click.

If you have a Spinner element in your popup, you can spin it with the button click.

You can open another popup after the button click of your initial one.

Display a modal asking for permission to send push notifications after the button click.

How to customize the Design of the form? | Content & Style

Customize Design Of The Form

Add the button text.

Set up the Sizing and positioning of the Inputs and the Button.

Add a Gradient color for the button if you wish.

Add a Background image for the button if you wish.

Any customization is possible with the styling of the form.

Updated on: 12/11/2020

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