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How to customize your popup's typography?

Text customization is much easier with Popup Maker! It has almost all the necessary tools for editing a text of your popup.

Let's check them one by one!

How to customize your popups typography

Bold - Use this tool to emphasize some terms or sentences of your text.

Italic - Make your text italic to highlight phrases or keywords in your text.

Strikethrough - Use this tool to mark text that is mistaken or to be removed.

Subscript - Show formulas in your text. The selected part of your text will appear below the baseline, like this: C8H10N4O2

Superscript - With this tool, the selected part of your text will appear above the baseline, like this: 1st

Font Family - Select one of the 6 Font Families included that will best suit your design.

Font Size - Change the Font size of your text to highlight titles and subtitles in your text.

Colors - You can change the color of your text and the background color of your text.

Emoticons - Add emoticons to express some feelings in your informal text.

Inline Style - Select the Inline style of your text; Big red or Small blue.

Paragraph Style - Choose your paragraph styles: Gray, Bordered, Spaced or Uppercase.

Paragraph Format - You can choose between Normal, four Headings and Code.

Align - Select the alignment of your text.

Ordered List - Use this tool to show some sorted order in your text.

Unordered List - If your list items do not have any particular order you can use this tool.

These were the cool tools of Popup Maker to help you customize the design of the text of your popup.

Updated on: 16/11/2020

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