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How to use a HTML Element in a popup?

HTML Element creation

Need more professional customizations in a popup to get the look and functionality you need?
Select the HTML Element option of Popup Maker and add any piece of HTML and JS code to fully build your popup content and look you wish!

To start the creation of an HTML element, you should click on "Insert HTML Element" button in your editor page.(arrow on the left)
On the right side of the page you'll see a bar of your HTML Element options. (arrow on the right)

HTML Element Options

How to add HTML elements in the popup?

Add HTML Element in a Popup

Under the Popup Element Options, in the Html field, you are free to add any piece of HTML code and tags you wish.

In case you have 3rd party embed codes (e.g. forms) in your element, check the "Put this code in iframe" option for a better performance.

In case there are html codes (tags) and styles in the HTML element, uncheck the "Put this code in iframe" option for a better performance.

Check all the changes you apply on the left side of the editor page.

Check the following video tutorial for detailed steps:

Updated on: 16/11/2020

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