Subscription form creation

So you want to add a Subscription popup to your website to grow your email list?
Popup Maker provides you with all the necessary tools to have an attractive and effective Subscription popup.

To start the creation of a Subscription form, you should click on "Insert Subscription Popup" button in your editor page.(arrow on the left)

On the right side of the page you'll see a bar of your Subscription Element Options. (arrow on the right)

Let's check them one by one!

Add new fields

Click on "**Add new fields**" button to open the list of the additional fields you may add to your Subscription form

Email Field - The Email field is required. You can select its width (%) and change the Placeholder text.

Show Inline - Check the box and the fields will be shown in one line.
Note: This option works only when the Email field and the Button are shown.


Show labels - the labels of the fields will be displayed in the form, if this option is checked.

Customize the look of your Inputs, set up the Size, Radius and Color options.

Add Padding and Margin for the 4 sides of the inputs.

Select the color for the Focusing of the inputs.
*Note that the input focusing color will be visible only when you attach the popup to your website.


Customize the look of your submit button all to your needs.

Also, set up the look of your button on Hover.

After Subscription Form Submitted

Select the behavior of your popup after the form is successfully submitted:

Show a message - Add any message you wish, select the color and the font size of the text (e.g. you can show a coupon code in this field).

Redirect - Add a URL to which the users will be redirected after they submit the form. You can select to open the page in a New Tab.

Close the popup - After the form is submitted, the popup will simply close.

Spin Popup - The users will get one of your wins of the Spinner element after they submit the Subscription form.
*This option refers to the Subscription popups that have Spinner element as an addition.

Receive notification mail - Get notified about your new subscribers.

How to manage your Subscribers' list?

To see your Subscribers list you should go to your Dashboard and select Subscribers.
You can also download your list, if you click Export.
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