Subscription form creation

So you want to add a Subscription popup to your website to grow your email list?
Popup Maker provides you with all the necessary tools to have an attractive and effective Subscription popup.

To start the creation of a Subscription form, you should click on "Insert Subscription Popup" button in your editor page.(arrow on the left)

On the right side of the page you'll see a bar of your Subscription Element Options. (arrow on the right)

Let's check them one by one!

There are 3 sections in the Subscription popup element options: Content, Design, Settings

How to customize the form fields? | Content

You can Add new fields and remove the exising ones (except the Email field).

Customize the Texts of each field.

All the fields are draggable so you can move their position with simple dragging.

Make the fields Required.

You can show the form Inline if you there are only Email and Button fields in the form.

How to cusomize the Design of the form? | Style

Set up the Sizing and positinoning of the Inputs and the Button.

Add a Gradient color for the button if you wish.

Add a Background image for the button if you wish.

Any customization is possible with the styling of the form.

How to manage form submission details? | Settings

Select the form behavior after the subscription. Show a message, redirect, close the popup, etc.

Specify an email to get notified about new subscribers.

Specify the frequency of showing the popup to the users who have already subscribed.

How to manage your Subscribers' list?

To see your Subscribers list you should go to your Dashboard and select Subscribers.
You can also download your list, if you click Export.
You can also Import your email list that you already have.

Check the following article for detailed steps of Importing a subscribers list into Popup Maker: How to Import Subscribers' List into Popup Maker?

As soon as you have collected enough emails via the Subscription popup, you can start your email campaign via Newsletter or Autoresponder tools.
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