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How to use a Spinner popup?

Spinner element creation

So you want to add a Spinner popup to your website to grow your sales?
Popup Maker provides you with all the necessary tools to have an attractive and highly converting Spinner popup.

To start the creation of a Spinner popup, you should click on "Insert Spinner Element" button in your editor page.(arrow on the left)

On the right side of the page you'll see a bar of your Spinner element options. (arrow on the right)

Popup Maker Spinner Element Options

Let's check them one by one!

How to customize the slices of the Spinner? | Content

Spinner Element Options Content

Click on the "Test Spin" button to see the the spinner in action, before you attach it to a site.

Click on the "Configure Slices" button to customize the slices inside your spinner element.
A window will appear, where you can add and remove slices.

Configure the slices of the spinner, giving the priority of the win (Win ratio fields) and adding the appropriate texts for the slices. The total value of the fields should not exceed "100".

Spinner Popup Configure Slices

Customize the style of the slices and texts of the slices.

How to cusomize the Design of the Spinner? | Style

Customize Popup Spinner Design

Set up the Sizing and the colors of the Container, Pointer and the Spinner.

Fix the position of the Spinner in the popup via Position X and Position Y options.

Any customization is possible with the styling of the form.

Change the center image of the spinner, you can add any image you wish.

How to customize the cookie settings of the Spinner? | Settings

Customize Popup Spinner Cookie Settings

Check the "Show once after Spin" box to specify the number of days after which the Spinner will be shown to the same user again.

Check the following video tutorial for detailed steps:

Updated on: 12/11/2020

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