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How to Import/Export Subscribers' List into Popup Maker?

Popup Maker provides you with all possible options to collect and build a solid subscribers' list for your site.

You can also Import subscribers' list collected by other tool into Popup Maker to start an effective email marketing campaign.

Step 1 - Go to the Subscribers section of your Dashboard

Subscriber import list

In the Subscribers section of your Popup Maker dashboard, you will see "Export List" and "Import List" blue buttons.

Click on the "Import List" to proceed.

Step 2 - Upload the CVS file with the subscribers list

Subscribers' list CVS list upload

After clicking on the "Import List" blue button, a popup window will appear with uploading options for the new list.

Select the subscription popup you want to add the list to.

Choose the CVS file of your subscribers from your computer and Upload it.

Click Import as soon as it's uploaded.

Step 3 - Match the fields of the list

Match the subscribers' lists' fields

As soon as you Import the list of your subscribers, you can customize them to match with your own fields of the Subscribers' list.

The fields of the Imported list are on the Left column and your existing fields are on the Right column.

Customize them to have a neat and organized Subscribers list.

Step 4 - How to Export the subscribers' list

Export the subscribers' list

For exporting the subscribers' list, simply click on the Export button in the Subscribers section and the list will be downloaded in CVS format.

Updated on: 09/12/2020

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