PayPal button popup is the ultimate tool to bring more sales on your store/service. Include a PayPal button in your beautiful popup, pick a proper triggering event for the popup and sell more goods!

Step 1 - PayPal button element creation

To start the creation of a PayPal Button element, you should click on "Insert PayPal Button Element" button in your editor page.(arrow on the left)
On the right side of the page you'll see a bar of your PayPal Button Element options. (arrow on the right).

Step 2 - Step 2: Setting up the main options

After inserting the PayPal button into your popup, you should set up the following main options:

Select the Currency
Specify the Amount that should be charged

Button Behavior
You can select the new page to open in a New tab after clicking on the button.
Enter the PayPal email address of the Payment Receiver

Payment options
4 payment methods are available to be selected for the PayPal button: Add To Cart, Buy Now, Donation and Subscription. (more details of each method will be shown further in the article)

Add To Cart Method

Add the Item Name, the name of your product on sale.
Specify the Quantity, how many products will be added to the cart with one click.

Buy Now Method

Specify the Item Name to be bought. The button will redirect to the payment page on PayPal after click.

Donation Method

Add the Donation Title, like the name of the company to which the donation should be proceeded.
In the Donation Subtitle section, add a short sentence concerning the donation.

Subscription Method

Add a Subscription Title, this is often the name of the company, service, to which you are subscribing to.
Add a short sentence about subscription in the Subscription Subtitle section.
Specify the Subscription Type for the billing, choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly plans.
Estimate the Time Period for the subscription duration, if you select "2" e.g., the subscription will charge once in 2 weeks, months, or whatever you choose.

Step 3 - Button Styles Setup

In this section, you are free to set up the button look all to your needs!

Step 4 - Button Hovering Options

Customize the button look when hovered over it.

You are free to include any other elements in your popup, along with your PayPal button, to make it more attractive and engaging.
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