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How to use a Floating button for your popup?

In the Floating button section of the Popup Maker editor, you can customize and add a floating button for your popup.

When creating your popup, you can set it to be triggered via floating button on your website.
You can choose the Style and the** Position** of the floating button.

Style - Basic or Corner button styles are available (the example in the previous image is the Corner style floating button).

Position - Choose any position on the page for the floating button (the floating button example is set with Top Right position for the Corner style).

Background - Choose the color of your floating button (in this example, we have matched it with the color of the button of our popup).

Text - Add any text you wish to see on the floating button and customize the color of the text to your needs.

So the popup will appear when users click on your floating button:

Note: There's no need to choose any opening event for your popup, if you set it to appear with a floating button. But if you set an additional event, like Onload, for example, the popup will appear both, Onload and upon click on the floating button.

Updated on: 01/05/2019

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