Countdown popup creation

Use Countdown popup to display your offers with a countdown! It's a proven fact that offers with a countdown are more attractive and even more effective.
To start the creation of a Subscription form, you should click on "Insert Subscription Popup" button in your editor page.(arrow on the left)

On the right side of the page you'll see a bar of your Subscription element options. (arrow on the right)

Now, let's check the options one by one!


Select the Year, Month, Date, Hours and Minutes for your Countdown.
Click on the format to go back to the previous section (like from Hours to Date).

Time Zone

Select the Time zone for your countdown, according to the time zone of the country for which you're going to show the popup.

Customize Color Options

You can select any color you wish for the Background of your Countdown, for the Background of the Counts, change the color of the Counts, select the Background color of the Text and the Text color itself.
Note that you are free to not choose any colors, and leave them transparent.
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