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What are Pageviews and how are they calculated?

With Page views we refer to the count each time the popup loads on the page(s) it is embedded in.
In order to have a better understanding of the pageviews calculation, let's check them with popup triggering events and special targeting.

Pageviews are counted in all cases when the popup data is loaded on the page. Sometimes the popup may not even be triggered but the pageviews credits are counted anyways.

Let's check some examples

For an On click popup all the data (images, text, js, other resources) is loaded inside the page to make the popup work as it should when the visitor clicks on the button/text.

So, even if the visitor doesn't click on the element (which triggers the popup opening) we count it as a page view too, as all the data was loaded and our servers served your request.

Such examples may be an On load popup with some opening delay, an exit intent popup or an on hover popup.


There are exceptions in the calculation of the pageviews, when they are not counted.
For all cases we know for sure that the popup won't open, due to its settings, the pageview credits are not counted. Let's check the examples of such instances.

Geo-targeting popups (click to view the How to set up Geo Targeting for the popup? article).

For example, if the geo targeting is set to show the popups for the US only, in this case the page views won't be counted if a user visits the page from another country.

Device-based targeting popups (the article on device-based targeting How to manage popup visibility on different devices?).

Let's suppose the popup is set to show only on mobile devices. In this case the page views won't be counted if a user visits the page via desktop.

Scheduled popups (find the article on scheduled popups here: How to Schedule popup for date range?).

For example, if the popup is set to show only on specified days of the week, in this case the pageviews won't be counted if a user visits the page on a day that's not set in scheduling.

Showing Frequency (feel free to check the tutorial: How to control popup Showing Frequency?)

If a showing frequency is set for a popup and the user checks the same page more than the frequency value, then a pageview won't be counted.

Popup by Days of Week (here is the tutorial: How to schedule a popup by specific days of week?)

If the webpage is loaded on the weekday when the popup isn't supposed to show, then the pageview won't be considered.

IP Address Targeting (the tutorial can be found here: How to show a popup depending on the IP address of the user?)

The pageview won't be counted in case there is an IP address restriction, i.e. the popup isn't supposed to show for the certain IP set.

Please, be noted that the pageviews count is calculated according to the number of popups opening on the page. If there are 3 popups on the page, for example, one visit on the page will count 3 pageviews, as 3 popups will be viewed.

Updated on: 24/11/2020

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