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Popup Maker Subscription Plans (Packages)

No credit card is required to start using the service, 14 days of Free trial is provided.
Popup Maker service offers 14 days of FREE trial so anyone can check the service before paying for it.

After 14 days expire, your popups won't be lost, they will just stop appearing on the website until you pay for any of the plans offered.

The only option that's not available in the trial version of the service is the removing the logo of Popup Maker.

3 subscription plans are available in Popup Maker: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Monthly and Yearly subscription methods are available for the offered plans.

The pricing for the Monthly and Yearly subscription plans differs.

Here's the pricing for each plan:

Monthly Subscription Plans

Silver - $8.95 (monthly)
Gold - $18.95 (monthly)
Platinum - $28.95 (monthly)

Yearly Subscription Plans

Silver - $6.95 (monthly)
Gold - $14.95 (monthly)
Platinum - $21.95 (monthly)

Besides the main features provided for the subscription plans, each plan is separated by pageview and email counts.
The email count can be increased in all the plans, plus, you can increase the pageview count in the Platinum plan.

Select Popup Maker subscription plan

Updated on: 07/12/2020

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