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How to manage Sub-Accounts in Popup Maker? (Account Management)

If you are an agency with clients, you can share your Popup Maker account with your clients, so they can have specific access to the service.
You can create Sub-Accounts in your Popup Maker account and allow your clients to use the service with the privileges you provide them with.

Please, be noted, that you can create Sub-accounts for different user roles. This option doesn't allow creating Sub-accounts by websites.

How to Set up and Control the Sub-Accounts?

In the control panel of your Popup Maker account, you can find Sub-Accounts section:

Popup Maker sub accounts

Click Invite a User to start the sub-account creation:

Popup Maker invite a user

Fill in the user details in the form and select the role for the user sharing your sub-accounts:

Add the Email of the user
Enter the Name of the user
Select the Role for the sub-account user: Admin, Author, Marketer or Custom

Billing - the user can make payments and see the billing information with this permission.
View Statistics - the user will have access to the Statistics section and track the popup statistics with this permission.
Create/Edit Popup - the user will be able to create and edit popups if this permission is selected.
View Subscribers - the user will have access to the Subscribers section of the account with this permission.
View Contacts - the user will have access to the Contacts section of the account with this permission.
Autoresponder - this permission will provide the user with ability to create and control the Autoresponder option in the account.
Newsletter - this permission will allow the user to create and send newsletter emails to the subscribers.

*You can select the privileges for the user, creating a custom role for the sub-account.

Access to Popups
You can choose the popups the user can have access to with this option.

As soon as the details are set up, you can send the invitation email to your user, simply clicking on the Send Invite button.
The user will receive your invitation email and approve it.

Popup Maker invitation email

How to Remove or Edit a Sub-Account?

All the sub-accounts are stored in the Sub-Accounts section of your control panel.
You can remove them or edit their User Role, Permissions and Access to Popups with one button click whenever you wish:

Remove or edit a sub account

Updated on: 07/12/2020

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