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How to schedule a popup by specific days of week?

Before starting the setup of the display rules for your popup, it is assumed that you have already embedded the popup into your website, or attached via the plugin you are using connected to Popup Maker service.

Plus, make sure you have selected at least one opening event for your popup.

In the Display rules section, with** Popup By Days Of Week option**, you can schedule your popup to show on certain days of week, on specified hours.

Setting up

Day selection - Simply click on the days of the week in the left column to add them into the right column. The popup will be shown on the selected days of week, periodically (e.g. every Sunday, Saturday).

Time selection - Click on the start time and the end time in the forms to specify popup showing period of time. The popup will be shown every time the page is refreshed during the specified time period.

Timezone selection - It's important to select the correct timezone for the popup scheduling to have the exact time estimation for your popup showing. Simply click on the timezone selector and choose the needed one.

Updated on: 11/07/2020

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