Step 1 - Embed Code of Popup

After you have created your popup, you need to attach it to the website where you wish to display it.
In your Dashboard choose the popup you need, click on the option "Embed code".

Or, you can get your popup's embed code right from your popup's options.
Click Embed code=> Get embed code and the code will be copied - ready to be used in your site!

Step 2 - Copy the Embed Code

A window will open with the embed code. Click "Copy to Clipboard" and the code will be copied

Step 3 - Paste The Code

Now that the embed code is copied, you can paste it in your website's HTML.
Note: Do not touch any element inside the code.

Step 4 - The Result

Now, you can see the popup in your website.

Check the following video tutorial for detailed steps:
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