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How to add a popup to Joomla website?

Popup Maker can work on any website type. As a highly converting tool, Popup Maker works on Joomla too.
Follow the steps in this article to integrate popups with Popup Maker into your Joomla website.

Step 1 - Create a popup and copy the embed code.

To start the process, you should create a popup on your Popup Maker account. Then just copy the embed code to use it in your Joomla site.

Step 2 - Paste the copied embed code into your Joomla website.

After creating the popup and copying the embed code, you should modify the Tiny MCE Plugin’s settings.
Go to the Plugin Manager section of your admin and choose the Editor – TinyMCE plugin to edit.

Paste embed code to Joomla website

Then, scroll down to the Prohibited Elements setting. This field contains script, applet, iframe, by default. You should remove the script from this field to be able to add the Popup Maker embed code. Save the changes and move on.

Prohibited elements Joomla

Now you should go to the Module Manager section and select the New button.

New button module manager

Next you should select Custom HTML as the Module Type.

Select custom HTML

Add a title for your module and select Tools > Source Code from TinyMCE toolbar.

Select tools source code

A modal window will appear where you can paste your embed code and hit OK to proceed.

Modal window embed code
At the end, you should select the position of the embed code on the page and Save the changes!

Select embed code position

That's it! Now you'll have your beautifully constructed popups on your Joomla site!

Updated on: 07/12/2020

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