Before starting the setup of the opening events for your popup, it is assumed that you have already embedded the popup into your website, or attached via the plugin you are using connected to Popup Maker service.

Plus, make sure you have selected at least one opening event for your popup.

In the Display Rules options of the Popup Maker Dashboard, there's Trigger Configuration option, where you can select the pages to show the popup.
You can select the popup to show on "All pages" or "Some pages".
Simply select the option "All pages" to display the popup on all the pages on your site.

For "Some pages" you can edit URL filters to show the popup by specific filter types: Equals, Contains or Starts with.
Also, you can select your Shopify pages to show the popup, for more info check the following article, please: How to Connect Popup Maker to Your Shopify Store?

Equals - Enter the whole URL of the page to show the popup on.

Contains - Add a keyword of the URLs that contain this keyword to show the popup on. This means, the popup will be shown on all URLs containing "popup" in the link.

Starts with - Add a piece of the URL, and the popup will be shown on all the pages starting with that piece of URL.
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