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How to show a popup depending on other popups?

Before starting the setup of the display rules for your popup, it is assumed that you have already embedded the popup into your website, or attached via the plugin you are using connected to Popup Maker service.

Plus, make sure you have selected at least one opening event for your popup.

In the Display Rules, there's Show Popup Depending On Other Popups option, where you can set up popups to open depending on other popups' behavior.

How to set the dependency option for the popup opening?

Click on the "Add New Dependency" blue button to set up the popup opening dependency.
An options window will open so you can select the second popup depending on which behavior this current popup will open.
Select the popup and choose if this current popup will open in case the selected popup opens or doesn't open.

This option will allow you to show the popup depending on other popups' behavior (opened/didn't open).

If this option is checked, the popup won't open until all of the specified conditions take place.

Select the behavior of other popups (open/not open) depending on which this popup will open or not open.

The popup will open only if all the specified conditions are covered.

Updated on: 11/07/2020

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