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How to open a popup On Load?

Before starting the setup of the opening events for your popup, it is assumed that you have already embedded the popup into your website, or attached via the plugin you are using connected to Popup Maker service.

In the Events section of the Popup Maker editor (the left side of the page) you can select the events by which the popup will open on your site.

On load opening popup

On Load

If you select the On Load event type, the popup will automatically open on your page load. So when your page fully loads, a popup will appear automatically.

Opening Delay - Specify the seconds for the popup opening delay. After the user stays on your page for the specified seconds, the popup will automatically appear on the page.

Repetitive -> Repetitive Delay - Specify the seconds for the repetitive delay. This way the popup will appear ever X seconds (your specified) on your site, automatically.

Updated on: 09/12/2020

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