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How to open a popup on Exit Intent?

Before starting the setup of the opening events for your popup, it is assumed that you have already embedded the popup into your website, or attached via the plugin you are using connected to Popup Maker service.

In the Events section of the Popup Maker editor (the left side of the page) you are able to select the events on which your popup will open on your site.


Check the box and the sub-options of the Exit intent will open up. Select the mode for your Exit intent popup:

Soft mode - If this mode is selected, the popup will appear when a user tries to leave the site by navigating the mouse away from the website.

Aggressive1 - If this mode is selected, an alert box will be shown to the user when he/she closes the tab, reloads the page or redirects to other page.

Aggressive2 - If this mode is selected, the user will see an alert box + the popup, when he/she closes the tab, reloads the page or redirects to other page.

Aggressive3 - If this mode is selected, a popup will appear, without an alert message, when he/she clicks on the back button.

Full - This will enable both, the Aggressive 2 and Soft modes, so the popup will appear in any attempt of leaving or reloading the site.

Please, note, that a kind of interaction with the website (clicking, scrolling etc.) is required for the Aggressive modes to function properly.

Mobile Exit Intent - Show popup on exit intent on mobile devices (more details here: Boost More Sales with Mobile Exit Intent popup )

Delay - Specify the seconds for opening delay. After the user stays on your page for the specified seconds, the popup will appear if they try to leave the page.

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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