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How to add a popup to SquareSpace website?

Popup Maker can work on any website type. As a highly converting tool, Popup Maker works on SquareSpace websites too.
Follow the steps in this article to integrate popups with Popup Maker into your SquareSpace website.

Step 1 - Create a popup and copy the embed code.

To start the process, you should create a popup on your Popup Maker account. Then just copy the embed code to use it in your SquareSpace site.

Step 2 - Paste the copied embed code into your SquareSpace website.

After creating the popup and copying the embed code, you should login to your SquareSpace account.
Then go to Home Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection and paste the embed code here.
For more details you can check the SquareSpace guide of usage.

That's it! Now you'll have your beautifully constructed popups on your SquareSpace site!

Updated on: 29/06/2018

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