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How to add a popup in Drupal 8 website?

Before starting the usage of the Popup Maker Drupal plugin, you should register an account in Popup Maker service.
After you register, you can start the creation of your popups.
Check the following articles for detailed steps of popup creation:
How to create a new popup from scratch?
How to create a popup with a template?
After you install Popup Maker Drupal plugin, you should go to the Configuration section of your Dashboard -> Popup Maker Module settings.

First thing you should do to start working with Popup Maker plugin is to connect the plugin to your Popup Maker account via API key.
Go to the Popup Maker plugin in your Drupal menu and enter the API key to connect.

The API key can be found in the Settings section of your Popup Maker service account.
Navigate to the upper right corner to the Account Settings.
Find the Api Key and copy it.

Now you can paste the copied API key in your Popup Maker Drupal plugin to Connect to Popup Maker.
After the extension is connected to your Popup Maker account, you'll see your popups created in your account.
The popups are Disabled by default, so you should Enable them to edit the options.
Click Refresh popups list every time you create a new popup in your Popup Maker account to display them in Drupal.

Click "Edit Settings" for each popup you wish separately and an Options bar will appear for popup showing pages and posts.
The popups are set to show on all pages and all posts on your site.
So, you should select the posts and the pages you want to show the popup from your list.
Pick the post/page with the "Select target" option and show/hide the popup on selected pages/posts with "Operator" options of "Is" and "Is not".
Click on the plus "+" icon to add more target lists for the popup.
You can choose the page/post entering the names of the pages/posts in the "Selected pages/posts" section.
All types of posts and pages are included in the selection list, including template pages, category pages, other page/post types which may be custom on your site.
Save the changes and check the pages/posts to see the popups live.

Here's how the popup looks on a post:

Check the following video tutorial for detailed steps:

Updated on: 06/03/2019

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