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How to customize the close button of the popup?

In the Design section of the Popup Maker editor you can customize the design options of your popup to all your preferences!

Customize close button popup

Close Button Options

Show Close Button - Check the box to show the close button on your popup
Button Image - Change the image of the close button, upload and add your own
Button Position - Select the position of the close button: show it on the top-right or on the top-left
corners of your popup
You can also add some space in pixels from the top, right, and left sides of the button to place it exactly where you want.
Also, you can control the width and the height of the button, in pixels

How to set a timer for the X button appearance?

Show After - Specify the seconds after which the X button of your popup will appear.
Show Countdown Label - Here, you can add a text to display before the close button appears on your popup.

Updated on: 09/12/2020

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