In the Design section of the Popup Maker editor you can customize the design options of your popup - all to your preferences!

Customize the background and the borders of the popup

Background Options

Show Background - Choose, whether you wish to have a background for your popup or not.
Background Color - Select the background color for your popup
Background Image - Upload a background image for your popup
Background Mode - Select a mode for your popup's background: None, Cover, Contain or Repeat.
Cover - the image will spread all over the background of your popup.
Contain - the image will cover the part of the background according to its size (image size).
Repeat - if the image is a small one, it will be repeated several times to cover the whole background.

Border Options

Border Style - Select a style for your popup border: None, Solid, Dotted or Dashed.
Border Size - Set up the size of your popup border, in pixels.
Border Radius - Customize the border corners setting the radius you wish.
Border Color - Select a color for the border of your popup.
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