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How to connect and use MailChimp popup element?

MailChimp integration allows you to collect subscribers for your MailChimp list with the help of a popup.
Generate the lists from your MailChimp account and include them in a popup to have the maximally effective offers for subscription.

MailChimp Popup Creation

First thing you should to be able to use the MailChimp popup element in Popup Maker, you should go to the Integrations section and Activate MailChimp add-on.

MailChimp Popup Creation

As soon as MailChimp is activated, you'll be redirected to MailChimp settings to connect to your account via API key.

Popup Maker API key

When your account is connected, click "Save changes" and go back to your Dashboard and proceed to popup creation.
You'll see the MailChimp icon in the editor's section of your Dashboard. Click to see the MailChimp popup elements on the right sidebar of the page.

MailChimp Element Options

MailChimp Element Options

MailChimp Element Options Scaled

In the Lists section, you can select the list of your MailChimp you wish for your specific popup.
If you make any changes in your lists in the MailChimp account, click "Refresh Data" to apply the changes.

Email Field

Popup Maker Email Field Scaled

Change the Placeholder text of the Email field if you wish.

MailChimp options

Popup Maker MailChimp Options Scaled

Check the box to show only the required fields of the MailChimp form in the popup.


Popup Maker Input Scaled

Check the box to show the labels of the input fields.
Set up the sizing and the color options of the fields.

Input Focusing

Input Focusing Scaled
Select the focusing border color of the input fields of the form. It will be visible only when you check it on the page inserted.


Popup Maker Popup Scaled

Change the label text of the button, add the sizing and the color options you wish for the button.

Button Hovering

Popup Maker Button Hovering Scaled

Change the colors of the button that the users will see when they hover over the button.

After MailChimp Form Submitted

Popup Maker After MailChimp Form Submitted

Select the behavior of your popup after the form is successfully submitted:

Show success message - Add any message you wish, select the color and the font size of the text (e.g. you can show a coupon code in this field).

Close the popup - After the form is submitted, the popup will simply close.

Updated on: 11/11/2020

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