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How to connect and use Google Analytics in Popup Maker?

Google Analytics integration allows tracking the effectiveness of your popups, individually, and use the data to increase the conversion on your site.
This powerful marketing analytics tool will grow the engagement on your site and you'll collect more subscribers and shoppers on your site.
The analytics system allows you to track the popups by their triggering events: On load, On click, On hover, On scroll and On exit.

Analytics Setup and Tracking

To start the usage of the Google Analytics integration, go to the Integrations section of your Popup Maker account and "Activate" the Google Analytics.

Popup Maker Google Analytics Setup and Tracking

Now you should Set your Google Analytics account number to start the usage of the integration.

Popup Maker Google Analytics Options

After you have set your account number and saved the changes, go to your Dashboard and create/edit a popup.
In the options bar of your popup, you'll find Google Analytics, click to open the sub-options.
Check the Enable analytics option and select the actions for tracking of your popup statistics. (you must do this for each popup separately)

Popup Maker Google Analytics Overview

Go to your Google Analitycs account to see the tracking results of your popups.
In the Behavior section of your account, select Events -> Overview to check the results of your popups effectiveness.

Google Analytics popup overview

Updated on: 08/12/2020

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