No credit card is required to start using the service, 1000 Free Page views are provided.
Popup Maker service offers 1000 FREE pageview credits in the Pay As You Go plan, so anyone can check the service before paying for it.

The 1000 free pageview credits are not being renewed monthly. You can use them until the number is expired.

After 1000 pageviews expire, your popups won't be lost, they will just stop appearing on the website until you pay for any of the plans offered.

The Pay As You Go plan doesn't require any subscription.
You simply pay for the amount of pageviews for your popups.
All the features from Platinum package are included in the Pay As You Go plan.
This plan is offered for small business owners mostly, for other cases we recommend to choose one of our subscription plans.

Popup Maker single time payment

You can check your Billing details via the "Billing" section of your dashboard:

Popup Maker billing
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