Popup Maker provides detailed statistics for each popup's performance on your website, including all the details that may be needed about the popups.

Use the statistics about your popups to build more targeted campaigns and get more conversion on your website.

All the data can be viewed in the Statistics section of your popupmaker.com account.

You may select the popup which performance you want to track in the Popups list.

Choose the Date range for tracking the popup statistics, including 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, etc.

Check additional statistics details like the Total count of popup opening, the Conversion rates of the popup, the Pages where the popup has opened, the Browsers the popup has been viewed on.

View the Countries and the Devices of the popup views.

Track the number of subscriptions on a day level to see the days when you have collected the most Subscribers.

In addition, you may save all the Statistics data via the Export Data option.

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