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How to set popup sizing options?

In the General options of the Popup Maker editor, there's an option "Sizing".
Two options for the popup sizing are available - Responsive and Custom.

Popup sizing options

The Responsive mode provides you with 12 default sizes you can select for your screen.
The only thing you should do is select the responsive size you wish from the list and set Max Width and Min Width for your popup.

Select a responsive size for a popup

Popup maximal and minimal width

*If the Responsive default sizes are not enough for you, and you need more specific sizes, you can try the Custom mode.

With Custom mode, you can set the Width of your popup, in pixels and percentages.
The Height can be set automatically (according to the Width), if you check the "Auto Height" option.
Or else, you can uncheck the "Auto Height" option and set the Height you wish for your popup.

Auto height popup option

Updated on: 09/12/2020

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